Friday, October 8, 2010

Week 4

Sorry for the long silence... there has not been too much progress with the interior as we wait for permit approvals.  However, check out our new temporary signage below.  The Japanese letters read U-MA-MI on a thick cloth wrapped around what used to be the For Sale sign.  This was a quick effort to get some kind of sign up before the Willy St fair that took place on 9/25.

The huge walnut tree that was in the back of the house was cut down on Monday.  If possible, we will definitely be repurposing this beautiful wood to be the bartop or furniture in the restaurant.


  1. It's been many years since my last Japanese class, but it looks like the Japanese on your sign says "Umai" (うまい), not "Umami" (うまみ).

    Umai is an adjective that means "delicious" whereas Umami is the noun form (i.e. "deliciousness") so it still works out well on the sign.

  2. Unfortunately, it was an oversight.. but luckily it's just a temporary sign. Thanks for letting us know! Delicious definitely still works.