Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 2 - Demolition is Complete...

After 2 weeks of hard labor both inside and outside of the charming house, things are definitely moving along.  All the walls that can be taken down are now gone.  Check out all the before and after pictures below.. quite amazing! 

While this was a major milestone last week, the article featuring Umami on the Isthmus website (local newspaper website), tops it all.  It's the first public announcement yet and it will be one of many to come.  READ IT NOW...

AFTER:  Successful!
BEFORE: One more wall to take down

BEFORE: New Dining Area - Beams still standing
AFTER:  Beams be gone!

The Brick-faced Chimney that will be incorporated into the interior design

The 2 doors that led to the rooms in the pics above

That is all the pictures for now til the next post.
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For now, here's a perfectly pan fried dumpling for you!


  1. This is like a mix of hgtv and food network combined. keep it up. i want to be entertained....

  2. WOW! love seeing the photos of the progress you are making...looking forward to following the rest of the transition! kathleen (WRA)