Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 1 - Demolition Day (9/7)

A week after closing on the property, it's finally Demolition Day!  

Side View of the House

It felt like we were in an episode of HGTV with our goggles and masks on, looking almost like professionals.  Most of the hard work was done by my hubby Mike and his business partner and friend Randy with guidance from Architect John and Carpenter Dima. I helped here and there, like unscrewing outlet plates and removing the wood wall trimmings, but most importantly I played the role of the photographer to document this transformation.

It's amazing how much was completed in a day's work. 
- Removed 2 walls, carpet, wall trimmings, built-in shelves, 2 doors
- Large Garbage bin arrived (1/3 filled after today)

Knocking down the 1st Wall:

Randy (left) and Mike (right) taking a break to pose for a pic.

1st wall to come down
Almost done

1st wall completed (view from 2nd room)

Knocking Down the 2nd Wall:

2nd Wall Completed!
Tomorrow's Project

Remove this wall and beams to create an open space for the bar.
Remove the walls and everything in the bathroom to create an open space for the dining area.


  1. I Cant wait for the grand opening. Let me know.

  2. How exciting! Was this a regular house before or a restaurant house?

  3. Alex - It was a regular house for commercial use.. I believe someone used it as a publishing house for awhile. It is all very exciting for sure!

  4. Looks wonderful! Can't wait to see it - and sample that fabulous looking soup! I'll bring my work clothes when I come visit in October...
    (love the blog - keep it up)

  5. Good job guys, we wish you really the best luck ever!!!
    enrico+marianne+elisa from AZ

  6. Thanks Chris! Call upon your inner carpenter and help us build the ramen bar!

  7. Looks great. U guys are the cleanest demolitionists I've ever seen!
    what happened to days three and four...? We're excitedly following the progress.

  8. A reason to visit Madison... as if we needed another!

    Very exciting.

  9. Exciting! Keep the posts coming...

  10. Woohoo! I loved seeing the space coming together today; thanks for making time to talk to me today! :3

    Looking forward to some jiaozi! Ke kou le! :P

  11. Please open soon - I can't wait to try you guys out!:)