Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 8

It's been exciting to see so much progress these past 2 weeks with the construction.
BEFORE:  Covered with Gravel

AFTER: Finished outdoor patio/deck with pavers by Mike & Randy

BEFORE:  In its original state

AFTER:  The new extension
BEFORE:  What was once the bathroom

AFTER:  Bathroom gone, window added


  1. It seems like most of the construction is tearing down bathrooms. Where are the customers supposed to go?

  2. haha.. it was just one bathroom. We are building 2 bathrooms in a different area of the restaurant. :)

  3. my initial reaction to discovering this blog: HOLY SHITBALLS

    The mere fact that there is going to be a real ramen joint in madison wi is just mind-blowing to me. Count on me to be there on the opening day.

  4. I love, love, love Ramen. I want to be there on day one. I travel to the Mitsuwa Market in Arlington Heights, IL multiple times a year just to buy fresh ramen, so you can imagine how happy I will be to have it made in my city.

  5. Cmon already...I'm really hungry! I have a standing date for ramen since the State Journal article came out. Any estimates on opening?

  6. Pakfan1998 - It all depends on construction but we are hoping to have the grand opening in late Jan/early Feb. We will definitely be keeping you updated on the progress though via this blog.

  7. I can't wait! Any chance of some pre-opening tastings?

  8. Dreamling - We will keep you updated if we do have soft opening events!